This installation-performance is a result of 2 previous works on the same topic. Cleaning aerobics is a method when one is cleaning and working-out at the same time trying to be as efficient as possible. The objects and costumes are tools to help with certain things to be cleaned and the equipment to make one work-out even more efficient.
At the end of their workout the performers leave the space in a different condition, but not more or less clean than before.
There are 4 tons of dust from falling down every minute on earth. Mostly consisting of meteorite dust and spider legs. Is it even possible for things to be clean and for us to get more fit trying to clean it?

Katerina Sidorova
Ian Nolan
Helena Aðalsteinsdóttir
Gideon Oosten
Saule Vaivilaviciute
Cleaning Aerobics (2017)
cleaning aerobics
Saulė Noreikaitė